The Agnostics

- Keep Your Money

The dash is important. It's “The Agnostics – Keep Your Money” not “The Agnostics Keep Your Money” we'd never do that. Religion is always (and should always) be free.

Here at The Agnostics we recognise the importance of not caving in to the views of your friends or family and taking time to decide which faith you want to follow. Relax.

All the talk of heaven and hell, sin and purgatory it's enough to put the fear of God into you, and that's what it's designed to do.

The solution?

Never decide!

Live a long and happy life undecided.

If pushed, you could say you're keeping your options open.

The idea of piling money into an organisation that won't offer salvation until you've paid is a bit too much of an ask this day and age. Taken to the extreme of TV and Credit Card Hotlines, it goes some way to underline the absolute greed at work but you make your own mind up don't listen to us. We don't know anything.

What we do know is that the folk at the top make sure you're spoon-fed whatever doctrine they like and they do it when you're at your most vulnerable. Childhood.

Before you know it you're singing hymns and the thought of what you've learned being anything other than fact doesn't bear thinking about. You believed it... because everyone else believed it, and you didn't know any better.

Then you grow up, the guilt, the confusion, the frustration. It's fundamentally wrong to subject kids to deep and serious lifestyle constraints when they can't defend themselves. In fact, it's child abuse. And there are enough headlines about that.

Besides, if you believe in one faith then you're an unbeliever in the others? So you're going to hell anyway.

Forget the Five Pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments, follow the Six Suggestions:

  1. Keep your money. Spend it how you like.

  2. Do good deeds, you're aware of good and evil. (If not, check local laws).

  3. Be proud that you reserve the right to remain undecided. Tell them to shove it.

  4. Focus upon the benefits of being a free thinking, mature, responsible adult.

  5. Don't listen to us, or them. We don't know who to believe. We really don't.

  6. There is no rule 6.

This isn't atheism either (we'll believe that when we see it).

Even so, the steadfast pursuit of science (and having the faith that it will deliver) is a faith within itself, and atheists can be just as fanatical. And fanaticism breeds danger.

So stick with The Agnostics but at the same time, keep away.

There's no “Contact Us”. You don't need to contact us. We've got nothing.

There's no “Donate” either. We've got nothing.

The Agnostics - We don't know what to believe!